the Authors

Claudio Sacchi, born in Pavia in 1953, is currently a professional photographer.Graduated at "Cesare Correnti Institute" in Milan, in industrial photography for advertisements at the age of 18,he began his career as freelance in news agencies in Milan (Unipress, Olimpia, Liverani) realizing numerous articles of any kind of various magazines (Epoca,Gente,Domenica del Corriere,Panorama,Espresso,etc.),with a particular interest for scientific and ecological issues.
In 1978 opened a studio in Pavia (Studio Reporter), dedicating himself to the realization of scientific works in collaboration with the University of Pavia and the industrial and commercial sectors in general.
An expert sailor and regatta partecipant,he now proposes to join to the sport of sailing his passion for photography,developing that artistic vein never fully expressed during his professional activity and representing,with his work,the emotions that the sailor has,during his everlasting confrontation with nature,of the possibility and the privilege life.
He always had an interest for naturalistic photography.In nature he rediscovers freedom,perfection of shapes,harmony of colours and the profound sense of life,where everything changes and reshapes according to the plan of a superior Being.. He shares this interest with his friend Mario Giambelli, and together they have decided to start the new and stimulating adventure of proposing this site,beliving that photography summarizes an emotion that does not end with a take,but renews in time and each time someone's attention is captured once again.

Mario Giambelli Gallotti,born Mede (PV) in 1957,lives in Pavia and is a lawyer. He began to become interested to photography in 1975,when a girlfriend gives him as a present his first reflex (a Fujica with a screw primer). Amongst the highs and lows and some "periods of reflection", these interests became the main passion of his life towards the end of 1980'. Work and family absorb most of his time and heavily limit his activity of amateur photographer: he mainly takes pictures during the summer holidays,always planned according to photographic aspects. The summer holidays of 1988 and 1989, spent on the dolomites Alps,reveal his vocation for naturalistic photography.In 1989 he sent one of his pictures (about a wave) to the photographic competition "the nature " organized by the magazine Photo Italia in collaboration with Duracell. The photo was in the top twelve and was selected for the Duracell calendar 1990 (November). Since then he has developed only one photographic theme,linked to emotions provoked by the forces of nature and the harmony that regulates them. In the last few years he managed to dedicate more time to photography,also developing a second idea,called "urban landscape", which follows the same theme of the naturalistic photography ,finding geometries, shapes, lights and colours apparently in contrast,but in a superior equilibrium with each other.After the 1989 competition he never took part in other competitions or photographic events,taking pictures only for his personal satisfaction. He has now decided to change course, also because prompted by his friend Claudio Sacchi,a "real" photographer,and by desire to communicate to whoever will visit this web site,his love for nature and the emotion of a take that can catch some small,great secret.