Photographs are some of the few,maybe the only true frm of modern art.The artistic image, like that of a painting (picture), which derives from the fantasy of the author but it has a difference to that of the painter,materialises only with a patient search that asks for capacity of observation,grat constant and an availability of time. "A painter for the urgent want to free himself of sensation and vision" (Pablo Picasso):the photographer on the other hand can only search the exterior world of imagery which knows how to portray its own sensations. One finds,in particular,the absolute basis of the nature of the photographer,where the choice of place,the correct capacity to choose the right time and the ideal light,nearly always determine the image.By observing water,land,skyflora and fauna,a much broader landscape,the naturalist photographer penetrates the elements of nature in order to capture the superior harmony,but he does it very gently,with great respect to the delicate equilibria which determine that same harmony. It is easy to see,in those elements,the presence of primitive forces,opposed to each other but complementary at the same time,such foces consuming and sustaining each other in turn and that the laws that regulate the universe maintain in equlibrium,a constant process of transformation that describes the passage from one phase to another of every cycle of life.Obscurityand light,cold and heat,movement and static,life and death are some of those primitive forces against one another,which nature governs and maintain in constant harmony,which have a cyclic flux ever present in time.In nature every elements changes and transforms its opposite and then turns back to what is was before at the beginning of new cycle of life. Essentially,the naturalistic photography describes the wonderful equilibrium that determines the harmony of things,the research of which makes every moment before a "take" exciting and after obtaining the result,very emotional. The intent of others is to communicate,with the photographs in the website,the emotions felt chasing a particular intuition or capturing a vanishing painting of Mother Nature;in the hopes that these images will become in homes,offices and pubblic places,emotions "of nature".

Nature Drops: an artistic post to provide a transcription of nature to share an emotion .